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Sheet Piles

We offer a comprehensive selection of different widths, thickness and lengths of ready-stock cold formed sheet pile for construction projects
Cold-formed steel sheet piles have the benefit of being an efficient and environmentally friendly foundation solution for construction projects. This is because of its high tensile strength, strong water resistance and high efficiency as a foundation solution. The OZ and OT series sheet piles are OSP’s blank canvas: by optimising all parts of the basic design in the sheet pile, we are uniquely able to apply adjustments and improvements atop the already robust design of the OZ series to meet your exact requirements.

Sheet Piles
Z Section

OZ Series

The OZ series were specially designed and produced locally with optimized section to facilitate immediate and fast delivery requirements.

The heavy gauge cold forming process allows persistent and precise profile, high speed manufacturing up to 10m length per minute in a single process.

Extensive FEA were carried out to ensure product quality and technical conformity.

Sheet Piles
U Section

OT Series

The OT series were designed and produced locally to meet immediate requirements. Similar to the OZ series, the OT series can also be produced in a single piece without jointing or welding.

The flexibility of the interlock design allows the OT series to be applied both in temporary and permanent solutions.

Sheet Piles
Omega Section

OΩ Series

The new 730mm wide Omega sections have been specially designed as a very light section with reliable and good durability.

The purpose of the new range of Omega section from us is to create tailor made solutions for canalization, permeability cut off wall, riverbank structural protection and other types of applications that require light weight retaining walls.

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